Online Tuition

We provide online tuition which allows you to access our courses taught by subject experts from many parts of the world. If you prefer to study at your own pace, and in the comfort of your home or somewhere else, or you live far from our centre in Croydon, online tuition is a suitable option for you.

There Are Two Online Tuition Options Available

One-To-One Lessons (Live)

Only available on weekdays up to 5 pm (UK time)

Small-Group Lessons (Live)

The quality of the tuition is exactly the same as one to one lessons, but is less expensive. Over 90% of the Testimonials are from Small Group lesson Students. The sessions usually consist of 5-8 students from the same school, who are taught in a group. Most importantly individual attention is guaranteed.


How Online Tutoring Works

  • Connect to your Tutor

    You can easily connect to the tutor by simply clicking a link sent by the tutor or the tutor can make a video call and after ensuring that the source of the call is from us, you accept the call.

  • Talk Face-to-Face

    Students and teachers can see each other via Live video; We use audiovisual software such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout.

  • Work Together and Share

    Use the Whiteboard facility to work together by writing or drawing diagrams and share past papers, notes, and other documents through Live Chat. You can also share your screen to show the tutor your work during the lesson.

  • Watch the Lessons Later

    Every online session is recorded, so that students can watch the entire lesson later by logging on to our website using the unique student ID and Password. This is highly beneficial method for students to revise and recap after a lesson.

Benefits of Online Tuition

  • Classes in the comfort of your home and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Save travel time and expenses
  • Environmentally friendly (no fuel, no paper)
  • No risk of contracting an infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19)
  • Straightforward to set up and use
  • The entire lesson can be watched as many times as you like
  • Modern technology allows online tutoring to match face to face tutoring