Over the years Alchemy Tutors have been fortunate enough to teach numerous students from a whole range of different backgrounds. We are very proud of the achievements of all our students. Please read the testimonials below to appreciate what they have to say about us.

Mr Arub has all the qualities of a diligent tutor

“Mr Arub’s knowledge of the Chemistry syllabus is second to none. He helped my son get a thorough understanding of the A level subject matter and we could not thank him enough for all his scholastic advice to get into medical school too. Mr Arub has all the qualities of a diligent tutor and I would recommend him very highly if your aim is to achieve excellence in Chemistry”

Dr Satty Mootien


If you are aiming for that rare A* in chemistry, then ARUB is the very few teachers who can help you do that

“For my A levels choices, I had decided to pursue A Level chemistry which I personally considered a challenge due to the large amounts of content to cover in just within 2 years. At first It was very daunting and going to a state school I had felt I was falling behind very rapidly until going to ARUB where he started from the very beginning of the A Level Course building a solid foundation which enabled us to learn new content rapidly and essentially finish the entire the course before the summer . Even through the COVID-19 Pandemic ARUB still decided to take the lessons online still matching the same passion and enthusiasm for the subject through the camera .As well as that as a teacher he is very engaging as he asks constant questions to us throughout the lessons and makes the lessons go by very quick. As well as covering each of our individual specification he would go beyond and understand our individual strengths and we what we needed help on and encourages and motivates us to work extremely hard and do our best. At the start I was very confused on calculations in chemistry and when I told ARUB he offered to give me an extra class on how to master it. If you are aiming for that rare A* in chemistry, then ARUB is the very few teachers who can help you do that.

Rithik Subash


The basic principles were explained very thoroughly

“My name is Kezia Mithra Johnson and I am an ex-tutee of Mr Arub. I was tutored by Mr Arub during 2013 for A-level Chemistry. I was introduced to him through a friend, who was also tutored by him at the time. I found Mr Arub’s style of teaching to be very suited to me. The basic principles were explained very thoroughly and I was challenged with difficult questions regularly. His classes were also very enjoyable, and I used to travel a long way (over 1 and a half hours one way) to attend them every week. This ultimately got me an A grade, which was beyond my predicted grades. I then proceeded to study medicine at the University of Southampton and am now working as a junior doctor. I will forever by grateful to Mr Arub for his teaching as it has helped me tremendously.”

Dr Kezia Mithra Johnson


TI became a lot more confident in preparing for the exam

“I attended Arub's chemistry tuition lessons for AS and A level (2015-2017). He is an incredible tutor, and his lessons meant that the subject finally started to click for me. The curriculum had a lot of new concepts that had taken me a long time to understand in school, but Arub explained them with different analogies and examples that were so helpful. We also had regular practice with exam-style questions, so I became a lot more confident in preparing for the exam and in the subject as a whole. Starting out as my weakest subject before tuition, chemistry ended up being my highest scoring A Level result. I am now in my third year studying Medicine at Imperial College London.”

Nandini Roy


Highly recommended him for Science tuition (both GCSE and chemistry A levels

“ Mr Arub Mayadasan taught science to my both daughters during GCSE. He also did A level chemistry tutoring for my elder daughter (2015-2017) and she was able to obtain her Chemistry grade for Medicine admission with his tutoring. My younger daughter is currently getting chemistry tuition for A level with Arub. Both children of mine found it enjoyable to attend his classes and this coaching helped to extend their science knowledge. I am very impressed with his course structure and passion for teaching. He regularly updates us regarding our children’s progress and also any other concerns. I have also highly recommended him for Science tuition (both GCSE and chemistry A levels) to my friends. “

Dr Resmy Suresh


A very high A* (only losing 4 marks during my entire 2 years) in my A Level

“I joined Arub sir’s AS Chemistry tuition in the latter half of 2013 after friend’s recommendation. Due to his enthusiastic, passionate teaching I was able to truly appreciate, understand and love chemistry as a subject. He would relate concepts in chemistry with real everyday instances which made the classes enjoyable and would cater these ideas in an individualistic approach so each student would completely understand. Arub sir would dedicate extra time after the duration of the class and extra sessions and would endeavour to go above and beyond in reaching the true potential of his students. He would train his students to be able to take on any problem and this retrospectively has added so much value into my life especially during university. His extra sessions and teaching allowed me to attain a very high A* (only losing 4 marks during my entire 2 years) in my A Level. Arub sir inspired me to pursue a Master’s in Chemical Engineering at UCL, which I have graduated from. I am currently working as a software developer at PDI software, working with large oil and gas companies. I am currently looking to get into Data Science. Having the pleasure of being tutored by sir, I can vouch that he is a dedicated teacher who is truly passionate about chemistry and genuinely want his students to do well. I would recommend his tutoring services without a doubt for those who are willing to put in the effort to learn and want to make a positive impact in their Chemistry A-Level.”

Sathish Ravi


Taught me many studying methods and techniques

“Mr. Arub is a friendly and welcoming tutor and I felt very comfortable during his lessons. He is also very flexible with timing and can accommodate according to students availability, which helped a lot during my academic hours and extra curricular activities. I was highly satisfied with the tutoring, which helped me progress during my academics. He taught me many studying methods and techniques to apply during revision, which was really affective during lessons and exams. Applying these enabled me to achieve high grades in the subject and allowed me to secure my place for university. With the help of Mr. Arub, I was able to successfully attain a university placement at Essex, to complete Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons). This opportunity allowed me to p

Ragaul Rajagopal


Arub sir has played a massive part in my life

“I joined Arub sir’s classes at the beginning of year 10 in 2015. Having just come back from India a year ago I felt the need of a tutor who would help me through my GCSEs. Arub sir was a very passionate and dedicated tutor. At times he had more faith in me than I ever had. It was his trust and dedication towards me which drove me to work harder and harder every day. He had the ability to translate the hardest concepts for his students. He always supported and guided us through our weaknesses. As exam season would approach he would often sacrifice his own time to hold extra sessions to help us prepare. I remember telling him on my first day that I hated chemistry the most out of all the subjects. In the two years that Arub sir helped me prepare for my GCSEs, he somehow managed to make chemistry one of my most favourite subjects (so much that I had to take it for a levels). I was not ready to let go of Arub sir’s guidance just yet. I went on to stay at the tuition for two more years. I have never seen a teacher who would go out of his way for his students to make sure that they had all the resources needed. I am currently studying pharmacology and innovative therapeutics at Queen Mary’s university of London and can confidently say that Arub sir has played a massive part in my life.”

Shaily Patel

Thornton Heath

His breadth of experience and devotion to tutoring his students enabled me to appreciate my own talents and pursue my career

“I am a medical student at Imperial College London, and I was taught by Arub Sir for both my GCSE triple science and Chemistry A-Level (2014-2017). His breadth of experience and devotion to tutoring his students enabled me to appreciate my own talents and pursue my career. As a student who used to struggle with concentration in classes, I found his well-planned and engaging lessons very important in succeeding in my school grades. His practical approach to simplifying difficult elements of the subject as well as solidifying key concepts improved my grades from average to A*. He is passionate, understanding and wholeheartedly wants his students to achieve their goals, and this is made evident with his dedicated efforts to boost their confidence in and out of the classroom setting. Without a doubt, Arub sir inspired me to push myself and reach my full potential. I believe I would not be on the path I am today without him. I, and many other students, are thankful for his guidance and I sincerely hope others will be encouraged to join his classes too.

Aiswani Suresh


I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence that school didn’t provide me with

“Over the course of my tutoring experience I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence that school didn’t provide me with. I developed my chemistry skills and ended up making good progression after my mocks in Year 13.”

Ashviny Ravindran


Helped me to consistently achieve top grades such as A’s/A*s

“A-Level Chemistry can be quite intimidating and boring at times however Mr Arub has a unique and enthusiastic style of teaching which makes A-Level Chemistry a lot easier to learn. His teaching style also engages us as students more as well as making Chemistry more interesting and it is this engagement which from a student’s perspective is a critical factor when studying a complex subject like A-Level Chemistry where you have to have a high interest in the subject in order to achieve the top grades. Just like his teaching styles he is an incredible person as he is extremely dedicated to help his students to reach their maximum potential. His dedication is evident in the fact that he often goes beyond tutoring hours in his own spare time to help his students as well as distribute a lot of resources. Also every A-Level Chemistry student knows that there will always be unexpected questions in the exams that your school doesn’t go through causing you to potentially lose marks however Mr Arub minimizes this by going through various techniques and question styles that can come up in the exams that your school may not teach you allowing you to be more flexible in the exam and maximize the marks you obtain. Overall Mr Arub is an exceptional teacher who genuinely wants his student to achieve which is evident in his dedication to his students and has definitely helped me to consistently achieve top grades such as A’s/A*s and have no doubt that he will be fully dedicated into helping your child to achieve the best grades that they can.”

Humzah Islam


Meticulous and comprehensive notes and techniques

“Arub Sir taught me from 2013 to 2019; he supported me through my triple science GCSE and chemistry A-Level. His passion for education and teaching is what enabled him to go above and beyond for each lesson. He offered guidance and assistance at the right place and time whenever it was required. He was patient and unfailingly guaranteed that he thoroughly covered each topic that was set out by the exam board by sharing his meticulous and comprehensive notes and techniques that he planned to assure that fundamental details were mastered and retained while writing the exam. He would frequently make us write practice exams and provide us with actionable feedback and constructive criticism which permitted me to distinguish my strengths and weakness furthermore improving my skills in a targeted way. Additionally, these techniques enabled me to attain confidence in the subjects that I chose and allowed me to appreciate learning about the subjects more. Arub Sir made a positive difference in my life and still to this day I utilise skills that he taught me. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all his help.”

Merin Abey


One of the few teachers who genuinely wants his students to do well and achieve their goals

“Arub sir was my tutor for four years since 2016. He taught me Biology, Chemistry and Physics for my GCSEs and he also taught me A-Level Chemistry. Arub sir is an extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and friendly tutor who knows exactly when to be strict and when to have a little laugh. He always finds creative ways to convey difficult concepts in an easy and practical manner. He is very approachable and answers any questions we had with great depth and clarity. To supplement our notes, Arub sir provided extremely helpful resources and endless amounts of past paper questions both to do during classes, as well as outside of our classes. He gives exceptional examples to help create a clear understanding of the topics being covered, and sometimes even made funny jokes to keep us engaged during classes and to make the topic a little more interesting and less tedious. The most helpful aspect of his tutoring was the tests he used to give us at the end of a certain chapter or at the end of the term which encouraged us to make good notes and thoroughly study the materials given to us. I believe this really helped us prepare for the real exams. Currently I am studying Biochemistry at Kingston University. I have heard that the influence of a good teacher can never be erased, and I believe that is very true as even today I remember many of the concepts he taught me. I would surely recommend him to any students who are struggling with any science related subjects. I am sure that Arub sir will support you and he will make sure that you are equipped with enough resources and guidance, but you must be willing to put your 100% effort into it and be keen to learn. Arub sir is one of the few teachers who genuinely wants his students to do well and achieve their goals.”

Aleena Biju Poonattu


He is an excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well-equipped

“I joined this tuition in my second year of A levels having heard the recommendation from my friend. Back then Chemistry wasn’t my favourite subject so I didn’t put in much effect. However, after coming to this tuition, I understood that I was far too behind in chemistry. Mr Arub gave me resources for the firstyear topics I missed and also, he made sure to cover them in the exam revision classes. I was so determined and motivated to put in more effort after this. He is an excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. He was so dedicated and passionate about the topics he teaches. He also gives us frequent tests to see if anyone need to put in more effort and tells us the topics we need to work on. He also covers all the topics early before the school starts to teach it. So, I was doing more of a revision than learning a new topic in school. This helped me to understand and remember all the details. I was getting Cs in my chemistry tests in my first year. After joining this tuition my grades improved a lot. Currently, I am studying medicine in Trakia University, Bulgaria.

Jathusha Kamalakumar


I am always grateful for Arub sir for helping me

“I went for Arub sir’s tutoring in 2009 for my biology, chemistry and physics GCSEs and then continued learning from him for my Chemistry A levels as well. I remember his teaching style was unique when compared to other teachers that I had previously had, as I was learning whilst having fun. His one to one teaching made me confident in asking questions when I didn’t understand certain things, unlike in school were I would be afraid to put my hand up in class in case I said the wrong answers. I felt like I could ask sir any question without being judged and it also helped that he would answer my questions with enthusiasm, as the enthusiasm would be passed onto me as well. This without a doubt helped me to later achieve A*s for all three of my science subjects, which is why I continued to learn from sir for my A levels as well. “ “A levels were definitely a difficult time for me but Arub sir continued to support me and dedicate his time and effort in me so I could I achieve the grades I needed in order to get into University. He saw the potential that I would be able to reach, which I often I would forget but his dedication and passion into helping me made me realise that I could achieve what I needed to get. I am always grateful for Arub sir for helping me during my GCSEs and A levels as I am sure many people will agree that this is one of the most important times of a student’s life. Without sir’s help I would not be were I am now and will always remember what he has done for me.” “Since then I have completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science and masters’ degree in Virology and have continued to keep science in my life as I am currently a Science technician in my local secondary school. “

Pooja Monykuttan


I was able to transform the D to an A

“I joined Arub sir’s A2 Chemistry tutoring sessions back in 2015. Having achieved below par grades in my AS level I was in dire need of a tutor who would understand my situation and help me complete my A2 exams to the best of my abilities. Arub sir was an extremely enthusiastic, passionate, encouraging and dedicated tutor. He always found ways to make the classes interesting and would find different ways to convey complex concepts in a very practical and digestible fashion. He not only covered the key topics necessary for students to do well in their exams but also made an attempt to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses, both academically and otherwise, and helped them perform to their fullest potential. His dedication and passion for the subject inspired students to work harder. Closer to the exam period, he would often give up his time to take extra sessions to help students prepare and always made sure to follow up with student’s post their exams. Arub sir is one of the very few teachers who are truly passionate about their subject and genuinely want their students to do well. I believe that a true testament of his teaching methods and dedication to his work is the fact that I came to him with a grade D in AS Chemistry and after having taken weekly tutoring sessions with him for a year, I was able to transform the D to an A when I re-took my exam the following year. He helped me at a time when I really needed support and encouragement and I will forever be grateful to him for that. I am currently pursuing my master’s at Imperial College London in Climate Change, Management and Finance and hope to pursue a career that allows me to make an impact and help people in need of support, just like Arub sir did when I needed it.”

Aditi Subramanian


Truly cares for his students and the drive to make sure each of his students achieve the best potential grade that they can

“I started my tutoring sessions with Arub sir for GCSE triple science in 2009 till 2011. I also enrolled in his A-Level Chemistry sessions from 2011 till 2014. I joined Arub sir’s sessions because my mock results for my GCSE’s were lower than what I was expecting and needed tutoring to achieve higher grades. Arub sir’s approach to teaching was extremely thorough, easy to understand and resonated with my personal style of learning. His classes were always interesting which made the sessions much more engaging which allowed me to quickly improve my grade and visibly improved my ability to learn. Furthermore, during his lessons he would always take an interest in his students and try to understand them more and connect with each student in the session. His sessions also contained both homework and regular tests to better gauge the student’s abilities where the mistakes were analysed and explained. Arub sir also held extra sessions closer to exams at the expense of his own time were the approach was similar to that of a study group which also helped as it eased the pressure of the exams by allowing students to both help each other and also ask for his guidance when stuck. The result of his tutoring was quickly obvious as I went from C’s in triple science in GCSE’s to A*’s in all and an A in Chemistry for A-Levels. Arub sir’s tutoring success is not only based on his dedication as teacher, his passion subjects and his excellent teaching methods but also because he truly cares for his students and the drive to make sure each of his students achieve the best potential grade that they can. During my sessions and even now, I saw Arub sir as a great teacher and also a friend and I owe a large part of my success due to his teachings and the healthy learning habits that he helped me form. I went on to complete a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineer and now work as a Systems Engineer at BAE Systems, working front line with some of the most innovating and exciting technology engineering has to offer.”

Nirmal Sajjan


Online lessons just as useful as the ‘in-person’ lessons due to the aid of ‘screen sharing’

“I joined Arub’s lessons at the beginning of year 11 as I had no science teacher for the entirety of year 10 and so was very far behind everyone else. From the offset, Arub was a very passionate tutor who always worked in the best interest of his students; from extending lessons to ensure our understanding of all topics to sending us handwritten notes on any topic that we may struggle on. Arub is always kind and patient in explaining all concepts and will invent new interesting ways to convey a difficult topic which has helped me many times and continues to do so as I am still currently attending his lessons. But due to the pandemic, we have had to move to online lessons via zoom. However, this does not affect the level of teaching as I find the online lessons just as useful as the ‘in-person’ lessons due to the aid of ‘screen sharing’ where he is able to show us his whiteboard on his computer which he can use to aid explanations and to write notes on. We have also moved to 3 lessons a week instead of the single 2-hour lesson a week which is in fact better as it helps keep my mind engaged with the slightly shorter lessons and makes recapping the last lesson much easier which helps to understand and remember the content which can be challenging due to the complexity of A level chemistry. Having the online lessons also greatly benefits anyone who happens to live quite far from Arub’s house, such as myself, as it saves the time due to the lack of traveling which is very beneficial as it can save over an hours’ worth of time which can now be used more productively. “

Yash Ashogun


I was able to achieve the grade I wanted

“Arub Sir was an excellent tutor and is very approachable and professional. He helped me grasp difficult concepts in Chemistry quickly and further ensured I understood by asking questions regularly. He was always fully prepared for every lesson with printed hand outs of question banks and information. I was able to achieve the grade I wanted and showed a great improvement since going to his tutoring sessions and therefore recommend him highly for Chemistry”

Srudhi Suresh


Positively influence students’ thought processes

“I joined Arub master in 2011 for extra academic support in GCSE sciences as I was not happy with my Year 9 results. Having studied with Arub master for three years, he really supported me and ensured I enjoyed the subjects. As a result, I obtained A* in Chemistry and Physics and A in Biology. His style of teaching and attention to detail was key to my success In my GCSE Sciences. Arub master is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated tutor who wants all children to be successful learners. He ensures that after every lesson, the student understands what he has taught you and always clears every individuals’ doubts by the end of the lesson. His lessons are never restricted to the 2 hours. He tells me to attend extra sessions with no extra costs just to ensure that I clear all my doubts. Having enjoyed my GCSE sciences, I developed an interest, particularly in Chemistry, and I decided to complete Chemistry for A-Levels. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons with Arub master. Not only did I enjoy his lessons due to his anecdotal stories, sense of humour, honesty and enthusiasm, but I felt valued, as he spent time to understand my individual learning needs, guided and encouraged me to ensure that my subject knowledge is well articulated in my answers to questions. Arub master was not confined to his subject, instead he also focused on my individual learning and development, strengths and weaknesses, and interests; our conversations have had a profound impact on my educational and personal growth, even today. I am working towards becoming a Secondary Mathematics teacher and completing my PGCE not only due to my passion for mathematics, but I believe that teaching presents both the responsibility and the opportunity to positively influence students’ thought processes and lives- something I understood from Arub master.”

Subaskar Masilamany


I was able to achieve an A* in A-level Chemistry and secure a place at King’s College London to study Dentistry

“I highly recommend Arub sir, as my experience with him was very positive. He is able to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner that is easy to understand. Furthermore, his wonderful rapport with students also ensures the subject taught is engaging. I was taught in an organised and structured manner which helped me to score very high marks. With his support, I was able to achieve an A* in A-level Chemistry and secure a place at King’s College London to study Dentistry. I have recently graduated as a dentist and am beginning to work. I recommend Arub sir to any student for Chemistry, as he is an excellent teacher – one of the best I have had.”

Tanaya Kirtikar


Arub is a great teacher and person, and I would recommend his tuition to anyone

“I joined Arub for chemistry tuition towards the beginning of my A2 studies after being recommended to me by my cousin. I have found Arub to be a fantastic tutor who has a passion not only for chemistry, but genuinely cares about his students. And it is these 2 simple aspects that made him such an important figure during my A2 studies. His passion for chemistry meant that, unlike teachers I have had in the past, he understands chemistry to a level that allows him to teach in a logical and structured manor that made studying and note taking much easier. It also meant that he could answer the majority of questions I had in great detail. His passion for teaching is clear as he always takes time to understand each individual student which meant he quickly found the strengths and weaknesses of each student and would try to tailor his teaching to best suit them. Furthermore, he was always open to answer any questions and would often go over time to fully answer questions (whether individually, or as a whole class). His genuine interest in student progress and individual capabilities meant he would often know when students weren’t studying to the best of their ability. In such cases he would try to find out why this was the case, and support the student back to meeting their potential. This level of support and guidance is also offered leading up to exams with extra lessons put on for revision. Arub is a great teacher and person, and I would recommend his tuition to anyone.”

Vishal Ashogun


Taught with a lot of depth

“I went to Arub master’s tuition for one year for chemistry. At the time I was in year 12 really struggling with chemistry and was currently on a C grade. I enjoyed the tuition as everything was taught with a lot of depth and thus I was able to clear all my doubts and always felt confident in the subject matter after every session. I was able to pass year 13 with a high A grade and definitely recommend this tuition. Currently I’m studying chemical engineering at the university of surrey and going to do masters in Finance.”



Teaching was extremely captivating and charismatic

“I joined Arub sir’s tutoring sessions for GCSE Sciences back in 2017. As a student who achieved grades that were just above average for my sciences, I was in urgent need of a tutor to bring my grades up. Arub sir’s teaching was extremely captivating and charismatic. It made you want to actually learn and thrive. Simultaneously, everything he taught us was very clearly structured and cleverly moulded to our way of understanding the sciences. He focused on the vital topics required for exams but also drew out the best in each one of us according to our strengths. He truly maximised our potentials. Not only would he answer our questions in class but outside of classes too. This clearly showcases his passion for teaching and for science in general. If this has not convinced you that Arub sir is a great tutor then I’m sure this will. When I started attending Arub Sir’s tutoring sessions, my physics grade was 5; physics was my worst science. However, in my final GCSE mock exam, I was one of few students to get a grade 9 in my year group. Through Arub sir’s thorough tutoring and his passion for the subject, not only did my grades go up but I also grew fond of physics. I now do Physics as an A Level. I hope the person reading this gets the help they need from Arub sir, just like I did.”

Jayavarshini Sankaran